Dear Members,


Singapore will enter Phase 3 of its reopening on Monday (28 Dec 2020).


In accordance with Sport Singapore’s  (SportSG) guidelines, groups of up to eight people will be allowed for sporting activities. However, individuals should still maintain a distance of 2m or two arms-length while exercising or playing sport.


Here are the key changes to the capacity limits of Sembawang Country Club:


+ Changing Rooms  

Limitation on the number of pax in each Changing Room:

  • A maximum of 50 pax in the Men’s Changing Room per session, i.e. A.M session (max 50 pax), P.M session (max 50 pax).
  • A maximum of 24 pax in Ladies’ Changing Room per session, i.e. A.M session (max 24 pax), P.M session (max 24 pax).
  • A maximum of 8 pax in Pool Changing Room at a time (for Gym and pool user only)
  • Should the changing rooms be full, no additional persons would be allowed in.


+ Gym, Swimming Pool, Golfers Terrace and Children’s Outdoor Playground



  • Maximum of 8 gym users are allowed at a time.


Swimming Pool:

  • Maximum of 8 users at a time in both swimming pool and wading pool.


Golfers Terrace:

  • Maximum of 8 pax per table at Golfers Terrace.


There should be strictly no mixing or intermingling between groups of diners.


Children’s Outdoor Playground:

  • Maximum of 8 users are allowed at a time.


All Members, Guests and Visitors are required to check-in using TraceTogether App or Token. If you have neither the TraceTogether App or Token, you may continue to use SafeEntry to check in, or to pass your NRIC/ID to our staff for scanning at our two Screening Points – Main Lobby and Driving Range Entrance. If you have a body temperature of more than 37.8 degrees Celsius, you will be denied entry to the club.


Please continue to refrain from gathering in groups of more than eight at any time in the club, to minimise the risk of large clusters forming. Each golfer should only play with Members of his/her flight and not intermingle.


For the full list of COVID-19 Phase 3 Guidelines, please refer to our SCC COVID-19 Phase 3 Handbook available on our SCC Website.

You may also access the Handbook here –


Please also read the full SportSG Advisory For Resumption of Sport And Physical Exercise & Activity for Phase 3 here –,-a-,-Activity-For-Phase-Three-(%E2%80%9CSafe-Nation%E2%80%9D)



Let us continue to do our part, to maintain discipline, avoid complacency, actively practise safe distancing measures, to protect ourselves and our loved ones.


Thank you for your utmost co-operation.


SCC Management

26 December 2020





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